Chroma-Key video production

Armonica Film realizes videos using chroma-key technology, including green screens.

Armonica Film offers a wide range of video services. Among them is also chroma-key video production, a useful and technique that allows us to set our clients’ videos wherever they like!

This kind of video technique consists in filming something or someone on a monochrome background. The color of this background is usually blue or, more commonly nowadays, green. The post-production department will be able to exclude these colors while editing and make them transparent. This will finally allow our team to insert any kind of background, according to our clients’ requests.

The chroma-key technique is mainly known because it is widely used in mainstream cinema to realize breathtaking scenes, filled with special effects. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be useful for totally different productions like corporate videos, commercials, music videos or interviews. Specifically, this technology is extremely suitable for tutorial videos, product presentations and all videos where the visualization of slides may come in handy.

Our camera crews have a long experience in realizing interviews on green screen, and we have our own studio suitable for all chroma-key productions. However, our equipment is light and easy to pack, so we can shoot using this technology everywhere our clients need us to go.

Our Clients