Corporate Video Production

Armonica Film is a video production company providing corporate video production services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and anywhere in the UAE.

Armonica Film is a video production house operating since 2005. Companies worldwide can contact us for corporate video production services. Specifically, our team provides the video content our clients need to promote their business and to communicate with their customers, partners and staff. We produce a full range of corporate videos, both for external and internal purpose. Ou crew can manage the whole production, from the script to the final edit.

Moreover, Armonica Film creates promotional videos and product presentations for the web. We work together with marketing teams to develop effective branding strategies. Our video crews is particularly specialized in filming companies’ headquarters and offices, as well as people at work. To support our customers’ communication, we provide interviews of their team, co-workers and clients and also training videos for their employees.

A corporate video production includes filming different kinds of events, such as company meetings, product launches, users meetings, conferences, congresses. We provide on-site editing, broadcasting and live streaming. Our camera crews supply Full HD and 4K cameras, lighting kits, audio equipment, gimbals, jibs and drones.

All our videos can be optimized for the Web or they can be displayed at trade fairs. Our services include audio-visual editing, translation, transcription, multilingual dubbing and subtitling. Armonica Film is available for corporate video production services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and anywhere in the UAE.

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