Documentary Video Production

Armonica Film is a video production company. We provide documentary video production services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and anywhere in the UAE.

Armonica Film is a video production house founded in 2005. Among our services, our clients can find documentary video production. Media companies worldwide hire our camera crews to film a wide array of documentaries, from “poetic” to “observatory” ones. Specifically, our camera crews is able to create different kinds of video content depending on the purpose of the documentary film.

Our team consists in directors of photography, camera operators, sound engineers, producers, and all the technicians required for the production of a documentary. We also provide all the equipment needed, including Full HD and 4K cameras, Lavalier and shotgun microphones, field recorders, jibs, gimbals and drones.

Moreover, our camera crews are trained to work in many conditions and different locations. We followed broadcasters and bloggers to natural environments and historical cities, producing geographic, artistic, tourism documentaries. Our team filmed museums, exhibitions, archives. Also, we are active in the scientific and education areas and we produced videos about universities, hospitals, research laboratories.

We film documentaries in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and anywhere in the UAE. Our services include providing filming permissions. Our multilingual team can also translate and subtitle documentary videos in many languages.

Our Clients