Explainer Videos and Product Demonstrations

Armonica Film is an experienced Video Production Company with camera crews in UAE and Europe. We can film Explainer Videos for your products or your services.

Armonica Film is a Video Production House providing Explainer Videos and Product Demonstrations. Since 2005, we produced many demo videos for Companies all over the World. We create video content for websites, product presentations, trade fairs, kickstarter campaigns, catalogues, apps.

Through the years, we filmed a wide array of products, from small objects to large machinery. Our video crews are trained to showcase the features of the products. Armonica Film produces explainer and demo videos for softwares as well. Tutorials can be held either by members of the Company or professional speakers.

We can document the production process of the products. This includes filming offices, laboratories and factories. We provide all the personnel and the equipment required to shoot this kind of videos. Directors of Photography, producers, camera operators, sound engineers, technicians. We use FullHD and UltraHD (4K) cameras, lighting kits, lav and shotgun microphones, field recorders,  sliders, gimbals, jibs and drones.

The final edit can include explanatory graphics. Our multilingual team can also translate and subtitle the demo videos in different languages. Armonica Film produces explainer videos and products demonstrations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and anywhere in the UAE.