Lifestyle and Fashion Video Production

Armonica Film is a video production company. We provide fashion video production services in UAE and all over Europe.

Armonica Film is a video company also providing lifestyle and fashion video production services. Since 2005, we gained experience in the fashion world. Nowadays, our camera crews regularly take part in the main fashion events, like Paris, Milan and London Fashion Weeks. We produce a wide array of videos, including fashion showreels and street style spottings.

Our team provides camera coverage of fashion shows, shooting both catwalks and backstage videos. Specifically, we collaborate with journalists and bloggers to produce video reports of any kind of fashion event. Our crews provide footage for fashion TV channels and websites. Moreover, we can promote fashion brands filming their headquarters, studios, workshops and stores. We can realize video interviews of designers, artisans and all the people involved in the fashion business.

Armonica Film provides all the personnel and the equipment for fashion and lifestyle video production. Our team includes directors of photography, camera operators, producers, sound engineers. We supply Full HD and 4K cameras, lighting kits, Lavalier, shotgun and stick microphones, field recorders, jibs, gimbals and drones. We operate in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and anywhere in the UAE.

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