Health and Wellness Video Production

Armonica Film is a video production company. We provide wellness and health video production services all over UAE and Europe.

Since 2005, our company operates in the medical and health video production field. Specifically, we produce videos to promote medical, scientific and educational institutions, but also pharmaceutical and medical supply companies.

Armonica Film provides camera operators and equipment to film in hospitals, universities and research laboratories. Over the years, our camera crews worked together with medical and science journalists to conduct interviews with physicians and surgeons. We created videos to present clinical cases, filming patients before, during and after surgery. To interview the patients, their family and members of the medical staff, we also provide our own researchers.

Our camera crews are trained to film inside operating rooms, respecting the safety rules and the privacy of the patient. We have filmed many different kinds of operations and surgical procedures. Through the years, we gained experience in filming plastic surgery, producing promotional and informational videos for specialized clinics. The services we offer include live streaming of the surgery videos for seminars and congresses. Corning the wellness area, we can realize videos for spas and massage centers.

Armonica Film provides all the personnel and the equipment required for medical and health video production. We use Full HD and 4K cameras. We supply lighting kits, different types of microphones and field audio equipment for interviews. Sliders, gimbals and jibs to document the activity of medical and research centers. Light and compact equipment to enter operating rooms. We also provide subtitles and voice over services, thanks to our multilingual team. Armonica Film operates in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and anywhere in the UAE.

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