Music Video Production

Armonica Film is a Music Video Production House working in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and anywhere in the UAE.

Armonica Film started in 2005 with music video production. Since then, Artists and Labels can benefit from our services to promote their music. We work closely with independent musicians and recording companies to develop their multimedia projects.

Armonica Film can manage the whole production process. Our team can work on a screenplay provided by the Customer. Otherwise, we can write a tailor made script. Our filming crew develops that into high quality video content that really matches the song. Our directors, camera operators and technicians use Full HD and 4K cameras, gimbals, jibs and drones.

Armonica Film offers customized solutions to suit different music projects. We can handle a wide range of productions. Our video crew specializes filming singers, musicians, bands, or even orchestras performing. We supply locations, lighting kits, props, actors, and all the personnel and the equipment required to shoot music videos.

We also film live music events, concerts and shows. Our services include live streaming and broadcasting. Armonica Film provides music video production in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE.