Your videos filmed in studio, ready to be shared online

Live streaming and E-Learning videos

If you are a professor in need of teaching from home, or you organized an event that suddenly had to be canceled, you can count on us! Armonica Film can realize your live streaming and e-learning videos according to each and everyone of your needs.

We can film presentations, workshops, meetings or any type of event, and then make them avaiable for your virtual attendees via one of the many online platforms available nowadays. In this way, everyone interested in your contents will have access to them in a very straightforward and practical way, either from the office or from home.

Differently, if your intention is to let them actually be connected simultaneously, thanks to our live streaming service they will be able to communicate with the speaker in real time. We will provide a live chat system that will allow them to ask questions or make comments which may be useful to the conversation.

On the other hand, if you are a teacher or a professional who needs to held any sort of lesson, we can help with that as well. E-Learning is a very effective form of communication, which may come in handy for a workplace safety course, school lessons on remote, tutorial videos or informative ones.

Both live streaming and E-learning videos can be filmed either on a neutral background or on a green screen, depending on your needs and your preferences. Your presentation slides will be visible in the video while you speak, in order to make the final result clear and easy to follow for your attendees or your students.

Of course, we will be available also to edit your video and make sure it is ready to be shared! What are you waiting for? Send an e-mail to or fill in our form.

Get ready to go live!